Hamon Rain Chain


Conversion Table from Feet to mm for Rain Chains

This style is the classic Japanese form of rain chain. Although it is a simple rain chain with rings connected to each other, it is a popular product in Japan. Rainwater can be seen flowing through the ring, and each drop trickles down beautifully. This rain chain is designed for locations with limited rainfall, as it is difficult to transport a large amount of rain. It is can be used in various types of architecture, both Japanese and Western styles. Even on days when it does not rain, the beauty of the rings embellish the building.

Precautions for use
Hamon-type rain chain with a series of rings produce more water splashes than cup-type rain chains. Therefore, when installing Hamon type rain chains, please consider installing them in areas without traffic of people and where some splashing can be tolerated, or where the amount of rainwater is minimal. For locations where there is a relatively large amount of water flow or where the traffic of people is near, we recommend using rain chain chains other than the Hamon type.


Made in Japan
Rain chain for traditional Japanese architecture
Air resistance is low and does not swing in the wind as easily.


Silver(brass) : Brass
Black (brass) :Brass
Silver (SUS): Stainless Steel

Drainage Capacities

MaxDrainage: Liter/hour. 720

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Ring width 1 7/8" inch

Ring width 47.5mm


Recommended Products
How to install

・Determine the type and how many rain chains after calculating the required drainage capacity according to the roof area. Please refer to "Drainage Capacity" for the necessary information.
・Anchoring weights are sold separately. Please purchase the weights separately when needed.
・The length of the rain chain can be adjusted according to the number of chains, so it may be shipped longer than the length indicated.

hamon seo rain chain


Silver(brass):Brass wire is plated and colored silver. After plating, it is coated with clear paint.
Black(brass):Brass wire is colored after plating. A final coating is applied with clear paint.
Silver(SUS ):This rain chain is entirely made of stainless steel, leaving the bare surface as it is.

Ideal for spaces
with a Japanese aesthetic

Rain chain suitable for traditional Japanese architecture and Japanese gardens.


About Delivery of Products

If we have your order in stock, we will complete the assembly of the rain chain and ship it within approximately 1 week from the date of your order. (Hamon types may take approximately 3 weeks.) The delivery time after shipment varies depending on the destination. Please check with the tracking number provided upon shipment. However, if the item is out of stock, it may take up to 3 to 4 months, so we encourage you to contact us promptly and as early as possible.

During shipping, customs in each country may need to confirm the package with the recipient (the customer). In such cases, the carrier or our company will contact you by phone or email. If we are unable to reach the recipient (the customer), the package may be discarded.If the package is returned to the sender (SEO Inc.) by customs or if it is discarded by customs, our company is unable to assume responsibility for the cost of re-delivery or the discarded products. Therefore, please pay close attention to calls and emails from the carrier or our company.

Customs Duty and Tariff

Customs duty is not included in our pricing. Upon purchasing our products, the customer is responsible for any customs duty in accordance to the laws of respective countries.

Return and ExchangePolicies

・In principle, we do not accept returns or exchanges after the arrival of the product. However, if the request for return or exchange of the product is due to defects, therefore our responsibility, then please contact us via the contact form within one week of the arrival. Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges passed that one-week period.

・In general, after receiving the returned product, we will refund the amount within one month after inspection.

・If the product is defective due to an accident during transportation, please contact us within one week of arrival. After you return the product, we will send you a replacement.

・As a general rule, the customer is responsible for the shipping costs when returning the product.

・Customers are responsible for contacting customs when processing the refund of import taxes paid upon receipt of the product.

・ If you have any questions about any of the information above, please contact us through the contact form.

Measuring Method

Please measure the height from the bottom of the eaves sprout to the setup surface on the ground.

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