Presentation of a luxurious space

Quality rain chain for a luxurious experience.

Sophisticated rain chains

A Highly Designed Rain Chains that Adapts to a Variety of Architectural Styles.

Making Rain Chains
Since 1960 in Japan

We have been making authentic Japanese rain chains, which originated in Japan, for more than 60 years.

Peaceful resonant sound of rainfall

Rain chains are a traditional architectural feature enjoyed by watching rain water guided from the roof cascade down the chains. In Japan, it has been used in temples, shrines, and traditional Japanese architecture as a building material that express the emotional aesthetics of the four seasons.

Our Brand

Seo Rain Chain is a brand created by SEO Inc., a company that has been making rain chains for over half a century since the 1960s in Japan, a country where the first rain chain was invented.

How to install Rain Chains

The installation options will vary depending on the design and shape of the rain chain. We will provide a detailed instruction on how to install each type of rain chain.