Drainage Capacities


Type of rain chain MaxDrainage: Liter/hour. *1
Toh 720
Toh-L 2,500
Ta-ke 720
Tama 720
Tama-L 2,500
Migumo 720
Migumo L 2,500
Ajiro 720


  1. *1 This figure indicates the maximum amount of water (liter/hour.) that a particular rain chain is able to drain. It will disperse some but the water will be drained.


If the roof area is exceptionally large and the drain capacity of the rain chains are not sufficient, you may consider using rain chains and conventional sprouts together, or consider other mechanisms that will prevent overflow of rain water in the roof gutter. One method would be to build a mechanism similar to a gargoyle at the end of the roof gutter if you have a spot where you could drop water as an emergency measure.