This is a video summarizing the easy-to-understand installation of the rain chains we offer.


Rain chains vary in their upper attachment fixtures depending on the product (please refer to the links pasted on each product’s page for details about accessories.) Mainly, the usual pattern is assumed to be the method of connecting to a square gutter or round gutter. (Visit HERE for connection to vertical pipes)

Connecting Rain Chains to Horizontal Gutters


・Installation on Square Gutters (for flat surface connections)

※ Please turn on English subtitles when viewing for your convenience.

The process for installing rain chain is designed with few steps for simplicity. Drill a hole in the horizontal downspout and drop in a water collector. Use the water collector that comes with the rain chain upon your purchase. It is very important to drop in the water collector. The water collector will help transmit the flow of water efficiently to the rain chain.


After placing the water collector, pull up the rain chain and secure it to the threaded rod with bolts and wing nuts. (Ring types use stainless steel wire.)

Also, you can slightly adjust the length of the rain chain at this time. If you need to adjust the length right there on-site, you can either cut the end of the rain chain or adjust by pulling up the bolts and nuts (stainless steel wire). (Note: Increasing the distance between the water collector and the rain chain may impede the smooth flow of rainwater into the chain, so please proceed with care.)


・Installation on Round Gutters (for curved or round surfaces)

※ Please turn on English subtitles when viewing for your convenience.

The approach of drilling holes and suspending the rain chain remains the same. However, in the case of a round gutter, inserting the provided water collector into the rain chain is not feasible. Consequently, an alternative approach to drilling holes becomes necessary. By vertically bending the gutter, as demonstrated in the video, it becomes feasible to replicate the function of the supplied water collector. When drilling for this purpose, ensure the holes are smaller than the rain chain's inner diameter. This approach helps water flow better into the rain chain compared to cutting circular holes.


Also, it's important to maintain an appropriate distance between the rain chain and the connecting gutter to efficiently transfer water. Therefore, it's not recommended to leave a large gap between the horizontal gutter and the rain chain. It's advisable to minimize the gap between the horizontal gutter and the rain chain as much as possible.


Connection of Rain Chains and Weights

To prevent rain chains from swaying in the wind, you need to secure the ends. In addition to using weights that we offer, you can also secure them by anchoring it to the ground. If you are using a water collection basin, you can secure it by attaching it to the grating. As an example, we have prepared a video for your reference, demonstrating how to connect using ring-type rain chains and our weights as follows:


The above are videos on how to install SEO RAIN CHAINS. (Please click HERE for more detailed information on how to connect the upper part and the rain chain and how to attach the rain chain to the weights.)


The methods we have shared with you are standard practices for installing rainwater chains. We are happy to work with you individually so that we can install it in a way that best suits your needs. Please contact us through the Contact page if you have any questions or requests.