When draining rainwater from the balcony, or flat roof, use the roof drain and a VP pipe directly under it.

When attaching the rain chain to pipe of this structure, as mentioned in the previous article, it is principally installed by passing the rain chain through the pipe. I will also mentioned other installation methods here as well.


* In the figure below, the roof drain attached to the top of the pipe is omitted.


Installation method #1

This is the basic installation method.

Since the rain chain passes directly through the pipe, rainwater can flow in the form closest to normal usage.


In addition, there are the following installation methods for other situations.



Installation method #2

This method is recommended when the inner diameter of the pipe mentioned in method #1 is smaller than the outer diameter of the rain chain so it cannot be passed through. This is only available when the slab thickness is 500 mm or less. Use a customized water collector with the lower end of the water collector extended.

Installation method #3

This structure receives rainwater with a custom-made drainpipe connection fitting and drains it to the rain chain.

It is recommended to waterproof the underside of the slab with a metal plate, among other material, for the rainwater that could not be collected by this metal fitting spurting out from the side.

In this method, the drainpipe connection fittings are custom-made, so extra cost for the fittings will incur. In addition, the external appearance after installation is that the custom-made metal fittings look heavy.


You can download the reference drawing of the drainpipe connection fitting from here. Please contact us for the dimensions of the metal fittings as it will be a custom-order.