The Dark Brown of Toh, Ta-ke, and Tama


SEO Inc. offers specific material and colors for each rain chain design.

Let us highlight the color for our Toh, Ta-ke, and Tama products.


These three products are available in stainless steel (silver & dark brown ) and copper.

Stainless steel with a sophisticated presence.

Copper with colors that deepens as time goes by.

You can select the texture and color that suits your building by taking advantage of the unique quality of each material.


Among the various colors, we get inquired about stainless steel dark brown with questions such as “what kind of color is it?” Or “is it colored with paint?”


This dark brown is created by thickening the non-conductor film (oxide film formed on the surface of stainless steel) by immersing stainless steel in an acidic coloring liquid to give this distinctive color.



We have displayed it in photos and videos on other pages, but here are photos for comparing the color between silver because the subtle shade of the dark brown is hard to reproduce on the screen. We hope these will be helpful reference when choosing your rain chain.


筒(toh) Silver / Dark Brown


竹(take)Silver / Dark Brown


玉(tama) Silver / Dark Brown