From left: Stainless, Silver, Black


We will discuss the color of our Hamon rain chain.

The “Hamon” rain chain is made up of rings similar to ripples that spread in layers when a stone is thrown into a puddle. It is a rain chain with a light and soft impression.


This product is available in brass and stainless steel *.

The design is available in two colors, “silver” and “Black” for brass, and “stainless silver” for stainless steel, which is the same color as the material itself.



It is a silver color with a slightly less gloss than stainless steel.




The brass silver and black that I mentioned above are colored by plating the brass.


Brass silver has a three-layer film on brass and has a copper-plated + nickel-plated + clear paint finish. In addition, black is copper-plated under brass, then blackened by sulfurization, and finished with clear paint. You can use it with confidence anywhere as it has a coating strength that can withstand outdoor environments.

Stainless steel is also available when a more metallic atmosphere is desired and high durability is required. This is only available in silver color.


Stainless Silver

Sharp impression with great sheen.

* Stainless silver is offered with a round cross section only.