Be sure to firmly fix the contact point between the rain chain and the ground to prevent it from hitting the wall due to strong wind, such as by a hurricane or typhoon, and prevent damaging the rain chain itself. There are generally two methods for stabilizing the rain chain.


The first method is fixing the rain chain to the ground using an anchor. Create a spot on the ground where a commercially available anchor can be fixed. Now you are ready to connect the rain chain and anchor, and as the name “rain chain” suggests, it is created by linking individual parts so you will certainly find a place to connect the anchor using wire and other equipment.


The second method is stabilizing the rain chain using a hanging weight. There are various kinds of weights according to the size and shape of the rain chain, but you can enhance the overall ambiance and impression by keeping the bottom part sleek, so we recommend choosing the weight according to the style and feel of your rain chain.

Also, the weight of the required weight piece will change according to the size of the rain chain, so we recommend that you inquire each manufacturer before selecting.


Alternatively, there is a method of directly inserting the rain chain into the drainage pipe to stabilize it, but it is necessary to consider the shape of the rain chain and the diameter of the drainage pipe, so it is also necessary to check with the manufacturer to confirm measurements each time as well.


So, there are the above-mentioned methods for fixing and stabilizing the bottom portion of the rain chain, but the method that is effective in preventing water from splashing on the ground is laying stones. It will reduce the splashing of water from the ground to the surrounding area, and it is easy to adjust the height of the rain chain from the ground. If you can spread stones around the rain chain with a radius of about 30 cm, you can prevent the ground and concrete from being scraped, and you can reduce the scattering of rainwater that made its way to the bottom.