The most profound feature of rain chain is allowing us to enjoy the flow of rainwater. The rain chain is designed to include even the somber rain into the landscape of the building to be appreciated, and I believe it was born from the Japanese view of nature, co-existing with the richness of the four seasons, a culture that embrace the “Wabi-sabi” aestheticism.


When examining the characteristics of the rain chain from the architectural perspective, the following advantages can be observed by applying its unique features in surprising ways: you can straighten the chain from the eaves and drain the rainwater, so it can be easily used in buildings with deep eaves where it is difficult to manage with the conventionally designed downpipe; it could be installed to avoid the inner pipe (the drainpipe built inside the building) by using a rain chain that intentionally exposes itself in locations where it would be otherwise built inside; the rain chain will eliminate distortion of building and ground when swaying with its flexible structure, preventing damage to a building with seismic isolation structure (anti-earthquake structure).


The inner pipes mentioned above can be stored neatly because it is not exposed on the outer surface of the building, and it is very neat in terms of design, but after installation, water may leak inside and deterioration of the building occurs, so pipes inside the building have advantages and disadvantages as the maintenance is not easy.


Difficulties of using a rain chain is when the max limit of its drainage capacity for water is exceeded due to large roof area and the rainwater is too much per chain. The amount of rainfall varies depending on the area, but it is necessary to investigate in advance the maximum amount of rain fall for the area and how much rainwater may flow from the roof to the rain chain. The drain capacity of rainwater per rain chain is posted on our website.


Also, because the rain chain is structured to show the flow of rainwater, water may splash around when flowing down. Therefore, we recommend that you install it in a place with low traffic of people and where it would not cause any problem even if some rainwater splashes. We have released videos of how the water flows through the rain chain for selected products, so please check the flow and decide if installation is possible.