Our rain chain is principally assembled with a special tool after checking the length for each order and then finally shipped out. After shipping, it is relatively easy to shorten the length on site, but it is much more difficult to extend it. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully check the required length and order with sufficient margin, but in some cases it is necessary to make adjustments after ordering, so we will explain how by the connection method for the types we receive inquiries for;”Toh”, “Ta-ke”, “Tama” (applicable to Toh L and Tama L as well).


Toh, Ta-ke and Tama can be divided into 3 main parts. These are ① Stainless steel core rod, ② Core, and ③ Body cover. The figure is a cross-sectional view of the Toh product, which is a combination of the three parts, and “Ta-ke” and “Tama” are also constructed in the same manner. The stainless core rod is designed so that only one side can be fixed with a dedicated screw, and by connecting the “Toh” pieces individually using the stainless core rod, a rain chain of the length for each order is assembled.



Since a rain chain will be exposed to wind and rain for many years to come, it is necessary to tighten the screws and prevent them from coming loose due to vibration. The stainless core rod has a diameter of 3 mm (screw spec: M3) that is attached about 7 mm from the tip, but by tightening the dedicated screw there, it is designed so that the tip of the stainless core rod protrudes about 1 mm. This is for preventing the rain chain from coming off by not allowing the screw from loosening, achieved by crushing the protruding part with a tool after tightening and connecting the screw to the stainless-steel core rod.


When we assemble the parts at our company, the tips of all connected stainless core rods are crushed with a special tool so that they will not become loose. Please make sure to follow the instruction and crush the tips of the stainless core rods to prevent screws from turning after installation.




① Pull up the body cover of the connected rain chain

Pull up the cover of the rain chain, which is the bottom end of the attachment chain gutter, so that the core can be seen.











② Unscrewing the stainless core rod of the rain chain to be extended.

Unscrew the stainless core rod on the top of the rain chain to be extended.











③ Pass the stainless core rod through the center hole from the bottom and tighten the screw on the stainless core rod so that about 1 mm of the tip can be seen as shown in the picture.











④ Crush the end of the stainless core rod with radio pliers

Remember not to crush the tightened screw, but the tip of the stainless rod sticking out 1mm.











⑤ Make sure that the screw does not turn and unscrew.

After crushing the tip, make sure that the tightened screw does not turn.











Connecting method for extending Toh, Ta-ke and Tama

 ⑥ Put back the cover as it was

Make sure that the stainless core rod is fixed to the core as shown in the cross section above.