Seo rain chain | Tips on Rain Chain Installation


If you want to incorporate rain chain to a building, we want you to enjoy using it comfortably for an extended time, so I will share some tips for installation with you.


Distance between the outer wall and the rain chain

Due to the structure of the rain chain, rainwater flowing inside may scatter when exposed to wind and rain, so we recommend installing it with enough distance between the building and the rain chain. As a guide, if the rain chain is installed about 50 cm away from the wall surface, you could reduce the number of instances where the wall gets wet.



Measures against fallen leaves

Compared to the pipe drainage, the rain chain, which has a complicated structure, may be blocked by the fallen leaves on the roof, making it difficult for rainwater to flow to the ground. Therefore, it is highly effective countermeasure to attach a commercially available dustproof net to the outlet or a commercially available net to the horizontal gutter to prevent clogging of the rain chain due to fallen leaves.


At the same time, regular cleaning is indispensable where there are trees nearby and fallen leaves pile up on the roof, so please survey the nearby trees and visually inspect for maintenance needs. As a side note, in an environment where too many fallen leaves accumulate, even pipes can be clogged, and cleaning becomes difficult. On the other hand, internal maintenance can be performed on rain chains because structurally it allows the hand to reach the inside. We have had customers choose rain chain over pipe drain for this reason.