There is a subway station called Kita-Sando, right near the famous Meiji Shrine located in Sendagaya of Tokyo, and right in front stands Co-op Plaza, built in the spring of 2015. The building is decorated with many of our rain chains as its façade.

This is the first case in which rain chains were installed covering the entire sides of a building and the truly unique and one of a kind design was developed through collaboration with an interior designer.



Many rain chains are attached to all nine floors of the building and they are designed so that ivy could grow along them and provide shades to endure the hot summer days.

Also, Tokyo regulates buildings making it an obligation to display certain amount of green on the premise in proportion with their sizes, and we have been informed that this standard has been cleared by this green façade.



The picture was taken from the inside of the building but we can see that the ivy has grown steadily, adding volume. I had the pleasure of passing by the building recently and I saw many flowers blossoming and the growth of the plants were more vigorous than shown here.

When I have the chance, I will certainly take a photo and upload it here for your viewing.


Co-op Plaza
Completed: June, 2015
Address: Sendagaya, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo JAPAN
Architect: Tatsuya Hatori, Nikken Sekkei, Ltd.