We have rain chain products made from copper material.
The cooper versions of Ta-ke and Toh, as well as Ajiro, are all non-coated. This causes gradual and intentional change of color with daily use.

With time, the change in colors can be observed from the original reddish brown to dark brown and finally to bluish-green patina color. The patina that forms on the surface of copper is caused by oxidization and when this appears on the surface of copper, it layers the material to give durability.

In Japan, copper was used on rooftops, among others, and when installed it will have a metallic sheen but after some time it evolves into the bluish-green patina.


Picture of our Ta-ke rain chain


At installation


After six months


And, after two years..


In the beginning, you will see a light pinkish metallic sheen, but with time the sheen was gone and it turned to golden-brown.
After two years, the Ta-ke turned patina green slightly.

As you can see, the copper changes color gradually, providing great viewing pleasure.