Shippo is a heavy metal weight of about 3.97 lb. It is very stable in size and weight, and can be attached to any rain chain. The surface of the anchoring weight is decorated with a classical Japanese pattern called Shippo, or cloisonne patterns. The Shippo pattern is a chain of connected circles. This pattern has long been embraced in Japan as a symbol of good fortune. The patterned part of the product retains traces of forging and contrasts beautifully with the polished part.
The weight also has an aesthetic quality in that when rainwater runs down the surface of the weight, ripples of water is visible on the surface of the weight. There are nine holes in the center of the weight, which guides rainwater trickling down the rain chain.


Can be installed on any rain chain


Width (inch)5 25/64"

Height (inch)1 7/32"






Color variation


Kuromura color (classic blotched black), is the traditional coloring method of Takaoka copperware, and the blotched look in the black creates a unique ambiance not found in other products.


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