This rain chain consists of straight cups in three different lengths. The spacing between the connected rain chains are unified with the spacing at which the water flow is most gracefully visible. Rhythmically connecting cups of different lengths, the simple yet refined shape enhances the flow of rainwater in an appealing manner. The lines connecting the rain chains and the cores that regulate the flow of water inside the Toh product line are all made of stainless steel, but the Toh line can be made with copper as well.

Made in Japan
Our copper products are manufactured using copper for the exterior, but stainless steel is used for the internal joint parts, making them durable.
Outer cups have a luxurious metallic luster with a hairline finish.
Ceramic finish on the cups prevents stains and can be cleaned by wiping off.


silver : Stainless Steel
dark brown : Stainless Steel
copper : Copper & Stainless Steel

Drainage Capacities

MaxDrainage: Liter/hour. 720

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Cup width (inch)1 1/3"

Cup length (inch)3 12/16" , 3 1/32" , 2 1/4"


How to install

・Determine the type and how many rain chains after calculating the required drainage capacity according to the roof area. Please refer to "Drainage Capacity" for the necessary information.
・Anchoring weights are sold separately. Please purchase the weights separately when needed.
・The length of the rain chain can be adjusted according to the number of chains, so it may be shipped longer than the length indicated.

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Uniquely designed joints

Toh is made of three different lengths of cups joined together. The seemingly random connections have a law.

Aesthetically captivating water flow

The inside of the cups are designed into a mechanism that regulates the flow of water. This allows water to flow gracefully between the cups.

Color variations

The color is simple and elegant, emphasizing the metallic luster unique to stainless steel.
Dark Brown
Coloration of the material is dark brown while maintaining the metallic luster of stainless steel. The color is more restrained than silver.
Copper type has a copper exterior. Because it is uncoated, the copper itself changes beautifully with age. You will enjoy its gradually changing hue.


About Delivery of Products

After we receive your order, we will complete the product in 2 weeks and ship out from SEO Inc. located in Japan. The products will be air shipped and will be delivered to you in about 1 ~ 2 weeks for destinations in the USA, Canada, Australia or Taiwan. For other countries, the shipment will arrive in about two weeks as well. However, since the transaction is an export, the arrival may be delayed due to customs.

Customs Duty and Tariff

Customs duty is not included in our pricing. Upon purchasing our products, the customer is responsible for any customs duty in accordance to the laws of respective countries.

Return and ExchangePolicies

・In principle, we do not accept returns or exchanges after the arrival of the product. However, if the request for return or exchange of the product is due to defects, therefore our responsibility, then please contact us via the contact form within one week of the arrival. Please note that we cannot accept returns or exchanges passed that one-week period.

・In general, after receiving the returned product, we will refund the amount within one month after inspection.

・If the product is defective due to an accident during transportation, please contact us within one week of arrival. After you return the product, we will send you a replacement.

・As a general rule, the customer is responsible for the shipping costs when returning the product.

・Customers are responsible for contacting customs when processing the refund of import taxes paid upon receipt of the product.

・ If you have any questions about any of the information above, please contact us through the contact form.

Measuring Method

Please measure the height from the bottom of the eaves sprout to the setup surface on the ground.

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