Today’s rain chain that I would like to introduce to you is installed to a residence in the Czech Republic. This home has a Migumo rain chain installed in a Japanese style back yard. The customer adores Japan and had purchased the rain chain when visiting Japan this past spring.


The rain chain extends down from the eaves and a saucer made of stone, which acts as a water tray, is placed at the bottom. In the back, stone lantern and stepping stones are intricately placed to form a wonderful Japanese garden. Their Pointers, Nora and Garl, seem intrigued by the new rain chain born in Japan as they look on.

As you can see, we are seeing an increased number of consumers from abroad incorporating rain chain in their back yards as an accent.

SEO Inc. not only manufacture superior-quality Japan-made rain chains for the Japanese market, but directly ship overseas to the US, EU, and Asian countries as well.