Our Hamon type rain chain was installed at the Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum, Japan’s only museum of its kind built to collect, conserve and also for research and display in order to endow otherwise disappearing carpentry tools for future generations. The architecture of the museum is a graceful synthesis of traditional craftsmanship and modern Japanese design. The beautiful roofline magnificently accentuates rain chain’s traditional silhouette.

Built by: Takenaka Corporation
Rain chain type: Hamon (Silver)
Location: Kobe City, JAPAN





Hamon Rain Chain - 7 feet / silver(brass)


This style is the classic Japanese form of rain chain. Although it is a simple rain chain with rings connected to each other, it is a popular product in Japan. Rainwater can be seen flowing through the ring, and each drop trickles down beautifully. This rain chain is designed for locations with limited rainfall, as it is difficult to transport a large amount of rain. It is can be used in various types of architecture, both Japanese and Western styles. Even on days when it does not rain, the beauty of the rings embellish the building.

Precautions for use
Hamon-type rain chain with a series of rings produce more water splashes than cup-type rain chains. Therefore, when installing Hamon type rain chains, please consider installing them in areas without traffic of people and where some splashing can be tolerated, or where the amount of rainwater is minimal. For locations where there is a relatively large amount of water flow or where the traffic of people is near, we recommend using rain chain chains other than the Hamon type.