Ta-ke grows in humid and tropical climate in Asian regions, and is a plant that is very familiar to the Japanese.
The inside of bamboo is a hollow tube yet very flexible with great resistance to curving and traditionally it has been thinly sliced in a vertical fashion to make baskets. In Japan, we have many general goods made of Ta-ke, such as fences, screens and blinds, hand fans, or bamboo strainers called zaru as seen in the below picture.

We produce rain chain product with a design of bamboo mesh.


The product is Ajiro. The literal meaning of the word is an “alternative to rope”, taken from the past practice where the fisherman used bamboo basket material in place of ropes. The mesh is durable yet beautiful. Ajiro meshing is used in architecture as well, on decorating ceilings and bamboo fences. Our product Ajiro with bamboo mesh design expresses the “Wa” or the Japanese aesthetic sensibilities.