SEO Inc. has its main office in Takaoka City of Toyama Prefecture.
It is a city where metal casting and cooper ware industries thrived and the succeeding traditional industry of the present is well known across the country.

While inheriting traditional craftsmanship, we have developed various new technologies with the change of times. In the past, we built farming tools, pots and large Buddha statues, but presently we make all sorts of metal products for daily use.


Shown below is a popular tourist destination Zuiryu-ji temple,
built in early Edo period (1603-1868)


 Kanaya-machi (Town of metal shops)

About 400 years ago, many craftsmen who casted metal and made cooper wares gathered in and around this town called Kanaya-machi in Takaoka City. It is said that because of the river nearby high quality clay were available for production use. Presently, we have two industrial parks in Takaoka City and many of them are metal processing companies.

SEO Inc. has 80 years of history since its establishment. We began Rain Chain production about 40 years ago and have always updated the products to meet the needs of our time. The rain chain is hand-made by craftsmen through multiple processing stages.


Picture shows welding process of our rain chain named Hamon