Because rain chains are installed outdoors and drains rain water, periodic maintenance is necessary.

Remove the piled leaves at the water collector where the eaves spout and rain chains connect.

If trees are nearby, then falling leaves will collect in the rain spout. The leaves will block the rain port and will prevent rain water from draining, which will result in overflow or damaged spout from the sheer weight. Check the eave spout periodically and clean out the leaves and other unwanted buildups.

Cleaning Rain Chains

Because rain chains are installed outdoors and drains water, dust in the air and dirt will attach to it and may blacken the chain. These are only attached on the surface, so in principal, wiping it with a wet cloth will maintain its cleanness. The aesthetics is very important for this type of products, so we recommend wiping it down periodically. As for the copper products, these will naturally change color and become darker but it is not from dirt and in fact it is the natural aging process, so it cannot be wiped off.

Check to see if leaves or other unwanted objects are stuck on the rain chain.

When leaves or objects are stuck on rain chains, the water will not flow smoothly. It must be periodically inspected and unwanted objects must be removed.

In principal, all parts for our rain chains are stocked, so when any part is damaged, we can repair/replace it. If something concerns you, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.