Ever since the transfer of the capital from Nara to Kyoto in 794AD, the city has flourished as the center of Japanese culture and politics. You will find many historical buildings that have been designated as national treasure or world heritage, as a former capital that still embodies Japanese culture today.


And, one of the world heritage designated temple is Toji-temple. Toji is a Buddhist temple and a headquarter for the Shingon sect. After the transfer of the capital, the city was renamed “The Imperial City of Heiankyo” (the former name of the city of Kyoto), and the temple was build two years later in 796AD to represent protection of the country. It was burned down several times due to fire but contribution from Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu in 1644, the five-storied Toji-Pagoda was rebuilt.


This is the picture of the Toji-pagoda. 54.8 meters in height, this wooden pagoda is the largest of its kind in Japan.

Right in front of this remarkable pagoda, a new hotel adoring our rain chain was built. The picture was taken from one of the guest room of the hotel.


The hotel’s decoration is representative of an old capital with its Japanese culture theme, the hanging lanterns, bamboo and stone lanterns are intricately displayed. Among them, the rain chains are our company’s Migumo (L), hanging directly from the 4th floor and in the colonnade, there are 12 of them hanging in total.


This is a picture during installation and the Japanese garden is located in the courtyard with an arcade and authentically decorated with stones, bamboo and rain chains as it should.


It opens this month in February, so when visiting Kyoto for travels, I think it would be wonderful if you stay at this hotel and enjoy Toji temple as well as the rain chains while at it.

Hotel Name: Sun Rise Suites Toji