Here are some basic checklist items to consider when selecting Rain Chains.


If you are concerned about water splashing or frequent overflow during rainfall after installing Rain Chains, you may have selected the wrong size for your roof area or installed them incorrectly. These check items will help you avoid risks.



  Basic Checklist for Selecting Rain Chains

- Three points to check during the planning stage -



Is the drainage capacity, type of installation, and number of units appropriate?

If more rain than expected flows into the rain chain, an overflow will occur at the top of the rain chain. If this is a concern, it is recommended that multiple channels be created to allow for emergency drainage.


Is the installation distance from the building at least 50 cm?

Due to the structure of rain chains, we recommend keeping a certain distance between the building and the rain chains because rainwater that flows inside may splash when exposed to wind and rain.


When a horizontal drain is used, the distance between the drain and the building will inevitably be closer due to its structure.

A custom-made anti-sway bracket can be provided to stop the swing. Depending on the amount of rainfall, water may splash on the wall, so please take measures on the wall side.


Is the bottom end of the Rain Chain secured?

If the rain chain swing in strong winds, it will not be able to contain the rainwater and may even hit the building, making it dangerous, so please secure the bottom end with weights or anchors.

The ring-type Hamon has a small surface area, so they hardly swing even when strong wind blows but if you are concerned, you can install a longer rain chain and hang it onto the ground to prevent the swing of the rain chain.


In relation to the above, I would like to add by way of checking at the construction stage, the method of installation may also improve water splashing. For products other than "Hamon," "Ajiro," and "Migumo," the distance between the top drain and the top part of the rain chain should be approximately 20-30 mm. Any greater distance will reduce the flow of water into the rain chains.


If you have any questions about rain chain installation, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.