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Rain chains, known for their exquisite design and practicality, are installed on many buildings. However, regular maintenance is essential to sustain their long-term performance. In the following, we will explain effective maintenance methods for rain chains from Seo Inc.


The Necessity of Maintenance

Rain chains are designed to efficiently guide rainwater to the ground, but they are constantly exposed to natural elements such as rain and wind. Especially when we have trees around the rain chain, fallen leaves and petals can flow in and cause blockages. To prevent this, regular maintenance is needed.


Maintenance Frequency

While it varies depending on the environment, we generally recommended to perform maintenance at least once a year. If there are tall trees nearby, blockages are more likely to occur, necessitating more frequent checks.


Specific Maintenance Tasks

rain chain water collector

1. Inspection and Cleaning of Stainless-Steel Catch Basins (water collector)

Check the stainless-steel water collector at the connection between the rain chain and the horizontal gutter, and remove any blockages. Be particularly cautious about safety when working at heights. Here is a photo of the condition just before maintenance.



2. Cleaning the Rainwater Chain

Remove any foreign objects from the main body of the rain chain using a thin stick, and if possible, detach the rain chain for a thorough cleaning. Wipe off surface dust and dirt with a damp cloth.


3. Checking the Secure Connection with the rain chain basin

Check to ensure that the rain chain is firmly secured to the basin or the ground, and if it is loose, proceed with repair or replacement.


rain chain

4. Inspection of Drainage Path

Check for any blockages in the ground pipes or drainage paths, and if cleaning is necessary, proceed accordingly.


Methods to Reduce Maintenance Frequency

To prevent debris from flowing into the rain chain, it's effective to install a mesh at the entrance of the rain chain. This prevents large debris from entering and reduces the maintenance effort.


Through proper maintenance, Japan-made original rain chains from SEO Inc will maintain their beauty and functionality for the long term. Regular inspections and appropriate maintenance ensure that the rain chains maintain an elegant flow of water, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of buildings. Please perform regular maintenance to maximize its functionality.