We use cooper and stainless steel for our rain chains. Each metal has unique characteristics so we will explain about their features:

Toh Copper
  • About cooper
    The chemical symbol for cooper is Cu and has a unique red color on this simple metal substance. The use of cooper can be found dating back early as 9,000BC and due to having low electric resistance it is used widely such as electric lines and daily goods. Also, cooper has high water resistance and anticorrosion property while the color changing gradually from red to black and finally patina green. This color is formed by a compound called cooper carbonate, from the elements in the atmosphere and water. Cooper is often used on roofs of traditional buildings, adding beautiful patina green color to the scenery.


Toh silver color (SUS)

  • About Stainless Steel
    Stainless steel is an alloy made from mainly nickel and chromium. Highly durable and it is used under severe conditions. There are variations depending on the ratio of nickel and chromium and the most popular combination ratio is 18% nickel and 8% chromium which is called the SUS304 stainless steel alloy. It is a silver color metal used frequently around the kitchen and on construction materials among other variation of usage.


SEO Inc. mainly uses these two types of materials to manufacture our rain chains.