There are two main shapes of rain chains: ring-type and cup-type. In this column, we will explain the characteristics of each shape to assist you in selecting the appropriate rain chain for your installation location.

1. What are Cup-Type and Ring-Type Rainwater Chains?

Cup-type rain chains have cup-shaped covers attached to each individual chain link, creating a chain that repeatedly catches rainwater and directs it downward.

cup type rain chain


Ring-type rain chains consist of interconnected ring-shaped chains, allowing water to flow along the surface of the rings. They are also known as link-type rain chains. The main difference between these two types is how water flows: water flows inside the cups for cup-type rain chains, while it flows along the surface of the rings for ring-type rain chains.

link type rain chain


2. Features of Cup-Type Rain Chains

The characteristic feature of cup-type rain chains is their ability to collect and channel water inside the cups, resulting in a clean water flow with minimal splashing. In areas with tall trees nearby, where leaves may flow into the cups, the frequency of maintenance such as cleaning may increase. Cup-type rain chains offer various design based on the shape and material of the cups, allowing you to choose a rain chain that complements the architectural design, whether it be traditional Japanese, modern, or classical. Another significant feature of cup-type rain chains is the soothing sound of water flowing gracefully.


3. Features of Ring-Type Rain Chains

Ring-type rain chains are characterized by their lightweight and simple design. They can be used to adorn buildings like necklaces, adding a touch of elegance. However, since water flows along the exterior of the chains straight down to the ground, they tend to produce more splashing compared to cup-type rain chains. In debris-rich areas like those with fallen leaves, ring-type rain chains require less maintenance due to reduced risk of ring clogging.


4. Ideal Locations for Installation

cup type rain chains

Considering the characteristics of each type, ring-type rain chains are effective in reducing the cleaning frequency when installed in places with tall trees or near forests, where debris may flow into the cups. They are also appropriate for areas where you desire subtlety in the rain chain, owing to their understated simple design. Since water tends to splash, we recommend to install it in areas with minimal pedestrian traffic, such as places other than the entrance or areas with less human activity in the garden.

Cup-type rain chains, on the other hand, produce a clean water flow with minimal splashing, making them appropriate for installation even in locations with relatively close foot traffic. You can also enjoy the sound of flowing water, making them ideal for installation in areas with frequent visitors, such as near the entrance or on the terrace where people gather for conversations.

Select the best rain chain that accentuates the architectural design with graceful water flow and enjoy your daily life ESPECIALLY on rainy days.