To prevent rainwater chains from swaying in the wind or other conditions, it's important to securely anchor the bottom end of the rain chain. While there are various methods for securing them, in this edition, we'll discuss some recommended points for choosing weights.



We currently offer six types of weights. You can choose the most suitable weight based on design as well as the intended use. Please consider factors such as how much the weight weighs, the type of rain chain, and the environment in which it will be used.



seo rain chain amane silver

Amane is a brass weight weighing approximately 450g and has a diameter of about 90mm (3 9/16 inches), making it the smallest size among our weights. It is suitable for places with minimal wind impact or shorter rain chains. We recommend installing it when choosing a ring-type rain chain (Hamon) with minimal air resistance.



    Amamichi is a brass weight weighing 1.3kg. It has a diameter of 99mm (3 7/8 inches). While originally developed for the purpose of draining rainwater directly into the drainage pipe, it is also suitable for general use (for drainage pipe outer diameters ranging from Φ60mm to Φ89mm). However, caution is required for rain chains of varying lengths and in windy areas.



      Shippo is a brass weight weighing 1.8kg. With a diameter of 137mm (5 3/8 inches) and substantial weight, it is recommended for use with any rain chain. The pattern depicted on the surface is a traditional auspicious pattern called "Shippo". The pattern is intentionally left forged, creating a rustic appearance. The distinctive black speckled coloration applied with traditional craftsmanship (Kuromura) enhances its beauty, which makes it an excellent option.


      4.Amane L

      Amane L is a 2.2kg black granite weight. With a diameter of 180mm (7 1/16 inches), it provides exceptional stability. While maintaining the design of the metal Amane, this weight is larger and made of granite. It can be connected to any rain chain, making it a recommended choice.



        Amakage, weighing 15.7kg, is an exceptionally heavy rain chain weight, exuding a profound sense of solidity. With a diameter of 360mm (14 3/16 inches), it is a large weight crafted from polished black granite, adding elegance to rainy days. While it can be connected to any rain chain, it is recommended for use with L-sized rain chains.




          Amabachi weighs 12kg with the main body alone, and when filled with gravel, it becomes a 19kg weight. It has a diameter of 360mm (14 3/16 inches). By placing gravel inside, it provides an anti-splashing effect. It can be connected to any rain chain, but it is recommended for use with L-sized rain chains.


          Please consider the strength of the wind and the length of the rain chain when selecting the appropriate weight. Should you require any further questions, please feel free to contact us.