In our Migumo L  rain chain, designs of flower pedals are used as its motif. In addition to Japan’s four distinct seasons, a rainy period between spring and summer exists, called the Tsuyu season. You may appreciate the vicissitudes of rain and the fading season while visually capturing the flow of water.


This Jouanji temple with rain chains is located in Kanazawa City and it represents the Jodo sect of Buddhism in Japan, built in 1575 by Toshiie Maeda, a distinguished military commander first to be granted the Kaga Domain, a.k.a. Kanazawa Domain. In the Edo period, Kanazawa City prospered as a castle town of the 1 million-koku-domain, the largest agricultural yields in its time, and today the city still attracts many visitors wanting to take in the ancient ambience that still lingers.


In Kanazawa, home of many old temples, countless traditional buildings can still be found. One of the main tourist attraction in Kanazawa, the Tera-machi Temple area was built as a counter measure against the Buddhist uprising, gathering temples in this area. There are about 70 temples wit h many unique characteristics.

Tera-machi temple’s bell is selected as one of the 100 Soundscapes of Japan by the Ministry of the Environment, and you could enjoy its graceful sound here.